Joe Jeremiah is a talented young keyboardist, musician and video maker who is currently gaining a loyal following via YouTube. Currently Joe is best known for his YouTube series, “A-Bit of 8-Bit “ which takes a wide range of music and transforms it into a retro 8-bit style. The series has gained Joe a worldwide audience numbering in the tens of thousands and has earned him millions of views.

Joe found his passion for music in his early teens after discovering that he could play his favourite songs by ear. The hunger to learn more about music has gripped Joe ever since and he has spent the last decade teaching himself how to play keys, how to compose and how to produce music. Joe is inspired by virtually all genres of music and believes that all music has its place.

Currently, Joe is working hard on his series A-Bit of 8-Bit and plans to make at least 50 episodes. Joe has also begun composing for video games and is quickly learning the art of composing music for visual mediums. He also has many ideas for music and videos, which we will no doubt see take flight over the coming years.

Where exactly Joe and his keys will go, we cannot be sure but one thing we can be sure of is that this is only the beginning of an exciting and promising journey for Joe Jeremiah.